Friday 10th March: Term One Week 6 of 10

Our Tumuaki Principal

School Camp
I enjoyed heading out to camp on Tuesday. It was going very well thanks to Miss Sanne den Boon, Miss Sarah Botting and the strong group of contributing parents.

The children were extending themselves in so many wonderful way.
Electrical Testing
This week we had our electrical items tested for safety. It's been a big job for the contractor going through our whole school testing everything but it's an important job to keep our staff and children staff.
Teacher's Strike
Yesterday we learnt that primary teachers across New Zealand will be striking next Thursday the 16th of March due to an inability to reach a suitable new Collective Employment Agreement after the previous one finished last year.

The primary teachers' (NZEI) strike aligns with the secondary teachers' (PPTA) strike also on the same day.

As we are down to limited staffing we encourage all parents to keep their children at home on Thursday.

For those that can not make suitable alternate arrangements please contact us if your child will be coming to school.
Boiler Upgrade
This week we learnt that we finally received consent from the Southland District Council for our boiler upgrade to proceed.

We are hoping that very soon we have a work schedule plan from the lead contractors that lays out a timeframe for when our new boiler will be installed along with some replacement radiators in rooms.

There will be site access restrictions for staff, children, parents and after-school visitors to an area around the boiler.

The new boiler is part of a decarbonisation project from the last election.
Values on the Bus
We have close to half of our students that come to school and return home on buses that Ritchies Coachlines is contracted by the Ministry of Education to provide service to us on four defined bus routes across our enrolment catchment. It is a valuable service that ensures our children get equitable access to education.

Children show our school's values on the bus when...
  • They remain seated throughout their time on the bus.
  • Talk sensibly to the person next to them.
  • Look after their own belongings.
Challenges soon emerge when these three behaviours deviate.

We value a consistent message between school and home around this, as it helps the bus driver undertake their important role of driving the bus as safely and carefully as possible.
Acknowledging Excellence
I would like to acknowledge Mr Jacob Smyth, our School Board's Presiding Member.

He has an excellent grasp of school governance, thinking deeply and clearly about the future direction of the school.

He is a good example of having the right person, in the right place, with the right thinking. Thank you Jacob.

Our Kura School News and Information

New Newsletter
We have upgraded our newsletter. It has so many more features that we are exploring.

We hope that you like the new layout, design and colouring.
Thank You
A big thank you to Fulton Hogan for generously donating sand for the long jump pit.

Thanks also to Wilma van de Laak-Verhaegh for collecting the sand and unloading it for us. Your kindness is much appreciated!
School Fair and Carboot Sale
Our popular School Fair and Carboot Sale returns this year!

If you are crafty, clever in the kitchen, have pinecones or firewood, or have been having a clear out of surplus toys, books, clothes, or household items that you want to sell, bring along your car and join in the fun!

The class teams here at school are all busy creating products to sell on our school market tables too!

See the advert poster below for details on times and other features.

Our Up Coming Events

Week 7 (of 10)
  • Wednesday 15th March: Kamahi Reserve Visit
  • Saturday 18th March: Car Boot Sale
Week 8 (of 10)
  • Monday 20th March - Friday 24th March: REAP Swimming
  • Saturday 25th of March: Southland Primary Schools Athletics
Week 9 (of 10)
  • Monday 27th March - Friday 31st March: REAP Swimming
  • Tuesday 28th March: School Board Meeting, 7.00 pm, staffroom.
Week 10 (of 10)
  • Thursday 6th April: Last day of Term One
  • Friday 7th April: Easter Friday (Public Holiday)

Our Class of the Week

Team Kahu Room 6
Kia Ora Team,

What an exciting week we have had. The Year Five and Six students spent the beginning of the week at Camp Columba, enjoying a range of activities. We had a fantastic time abseiling, ziplining, orienteering, team building, rocket building and doing archery. This of course was only possible with the help of the awesome parents who gave up their time to support and encourage students with all of these new experiences, so thank you.

In class we have started our reading programme off with learning and performing plays. Students had to come up with how they would set the scene of their play, what costumes to wear and put actions and movement to their words. It was a great way to start the term and allowed us to slowly familiarise ourselves with other aspects of our reading programme. This includes word-of-the-day activities, literacy skills tasks, and proofreading exercises, just to name a few.

We have been working hard on our math skills and knowledge. As in other classes, we follow PRIME Math. We also supplement this by completing a range of problem-solving tasks, algebraic challenges and multiplication grids. All these challenges develop multiplicative thinking and have students challenge themselves to think deeper about problems and use a range of strategies to solve them.

Currently, in writing, we are exploring the idea of “show, don’t tell”, by writing setting descriptions. Students are learning about the importance of including adjectives (describing words), verbs (action words), and adverbs (how something happens). They pull all these things together into five or six sentences to show us the setting they are in. The students' writing is quickly becoming more descriptive and a lot more interesting.

We have been working hard on our DRIVE topic – Being designers. Students are creating great items to sell at the Car Boot Sale, such as bookmarks, comic books, drink stands, and creating a cardboard arcade for children to play and earn tickets to receive a prize. I can’t wait to see it all come together and to see what all the other classes have been creating. It is great to have this event on again this year and to invite whanau and the community to the school. We hope to see you all on Saturday 18th to help fundraise for our Education Outside the Classroom programmes.

All the best,
Miss Sanne den Boon (Teacher, Team Kahu)

Our Children of Character Values for Learning

Team Kereru's Most Valuable Pupil
Team Kereru’s MVP for Manaakitanga - Respect is Kaiden Moir.

Kaiden joined Edendale Primary School this year and has fitted in well with his peers in Team Kereru.

He shows respect inside and outside of the classroom. He listens to instructions and will offer to help with recycling or tidying up. Kaiden joins in with class discussions and will offer his ideas.

Respect is about treating others with kindness. Kaiden has shown respect so far this year and I know he will continue to show respect.

Kaiden will help others when stuck and will accept help when he is stuck. Being open to advice and feedback is one of Kaiden’s strengths.

Kaiden puts his heart into everything he does. Whether this is running, activities outside or inside the class, and academically. The more we push ourselves in our work, the more we feel like we are achieving and learning.

Team Kereru is glad to have you in class this year Kaiden and I look forward to seeing what the year brings for you. Keep being awesome!
Team Pukeko's Most Valuable Pupil
The MVP for Team Pukeko this week is Skye Meyer, who has proven herself to be a consistent role model of our school value of Manaakitanga - Respect.

Skye is always polite and uses her manners well when speaking to me, other staff members, and classmates.

Skye shows that she is aware of the needs of others in our team, being quick to offer to help with the jobs that need to be done in the morning when we are setting up for the day, as well as with the jobs at the end of the day. She enjoys being helpful and encourages others to join in with her.

When playing with friends, Skye is able to take turns, share equipment and use kind words and actions.

Respect also means we listen actively and follow the school rules and our teacher’s instructions carefully; Skye has been doing this well, meaning that her learning continues to progress every day.

Keep being a helpful, kind and active learner and friend, Skye - it has been great to see your confidence growing each day because of your strong participation in our activities, even when the task seems difficult at first.

Your year is off to a super start!
Team Kea's Most Valuable Pupil
Maverick is Team Kea’s MVP for Manaakitanga - Respect. Maverick is a polite young man who demonstrates many of our school values.

It has been a pleasure watching Maverick’s confidence grow since he started school. He participates, follows instructions and listens. Maverick is putting his best foot forward with his learning and is already making great progress in all learning areas.

Maverick is a valued Team Kea member and has built positive relationships with all his peers. He is a gentle and kind friend who treats others how he would like to be treated.

Throughout the day Maverick uses respectful manners.

I can always rely on Maverick to make good choices in the classroom and at play times. This makes him a great role model to have at Edendale Primary School.

Maverick, thank you for persisting when things felt tough. I have really enjoyed getting to know you and seeing you become a leader in Team Kea this year. I look forward to seeing all your future achievements.

Keep being a superstar!

Our Kaitiaka School Board Update

Next School Board Meeting
The next School Board meeting will be held on Tuesday 28th March starting at 7.00 pm in the school staffroom. The agenda is closed off a week before this, with all information gathered and sent to the School Board members in preparation for the meeting.

Enrolment Zone Applications
Enrolment at Edendale Primary School is governed by an enrolment scheme. The School Board has 20 places available for out-of-zone students for the 2023 school year. The exact number of places is subject to the number of eligible in-zone enrolments received.

Applications are invited for those out-of-zone students who would like to enrol for the first half of Term Two starting Wednesday 26th April and going through to Tuesday 6th June 2023.

Applications for this period are due on Wednesday 26th April.

Information and application forms can be picked up at the school office. Applications can be made electronically through our website ( under Our School - Enrolments and Attendance. On the digital form, by ticking ‘Out of Zone’, you are deemed to be making an application.

If the number of out-of-zone applications exceeds the number of places available, students will be selected by ballot. If a ballot for out-of-zone places is required, it will be held on Thursday 27th of April.

Parents will be informed of the outcome of the application and/or ballot as early as possible.

Our Home and School Update

Next Home and School Meeting
The next meeting of the Home and School is set for Monday 22nd May at 7.30 pm in the staffroom.

Our Community's News

Eastern Southland Hockey
Welcome to Eastern Southland's Junior Hockey registration YEAR 1-6 ONLY for 2023

This year we are using a new platform called playhq for registrations - you need to sign up for this (It will send you an empty invoice - please disregard this and pay via the instructions below.)

Here is the link to Player HQ:

Also if you can coach or manage you need to complete the form twice - once for your child and then again as a coach and or manager! All age groups will play on the turf.

Please note registrations MUST be completed by the 31st March (Yr 1 - Yr 6) .

Any registrations after these dates will not be possible.
  • Yr 1 & 2 Fridays 3:30 - 6pm Subs $40 Abby Moseby 027 467 8736
  • Yr 3 & 4 Fridays 3:30 - 6pm Subs $55 Abby Moseby 027 467 8736
  • Yr 5 & 6 Monday 3:30 - 7.30pm Subs $70 Sarah Wiegersma 0211416518
Can you please make payment to 03 0915 0312424 008 and use your child's name and Year group in the code field by the 30th April.

Edendale Netball Club 2023 Registration Information
All individual players must register on sporty: and go to Registration.

YEAR 1 – 2 - Future Ferns
  • Skills sessions are run every Friday at the Wyndham Netball Courts from approx. 3.30-4.30
YEAR 3 – 4 – Future Ferns
  • Skills sessions and a 5 aside game are run every Friday at the Wyndham Netball Courts from approx. 3.30-4.30
YEAR 5 – 6
  • Play in an Edendale Netball Team, playing 6 a side netball
  • Teams usually practice during the week. Practice will be organised by the team coach to best fit in with the commitments of both players and themselves.
  • Games are played on a Friday night at the Wyndham Netball Courts usually starting between 4.30 and 5.30
Year 7-8
  • Play for Edendale Netball Team - 7 a-side netball
  • Practice is organised by the coach usually once a week.
  • Games played Friday night from 4.30 pm
Subs this year:
  • Year 1 – 2: $20 per player
  • Year 3 - 4: $30 per player
  • Year 5 -8: $40 per player
Please pay to Edendale Netball Club bank account: 03 0962 0060848 00 Reference: Child’s Name

The season starts on Friday 29th April 202. Future ferns Yr 1 – 4 Term 2 only.

End of season tournament Gore Multi Sports Stadium Sunday 25th July

President: Sarah Cupido 021 181 5145
Secretary: Jane Muir 027 62 65 467
Treasurer: Nicola Abbott 022 1609 737
Like our Facebook page for updates Email:

Our Kura School Contact Information

Physical Address: 24 Salford Street, Edendale, 9825
Postal Address: P. O. Box 24, Edendale, 9848


Phone: 03 206 6959
Cell/Text: 027 614 6740

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