If you are not receiving absentee emails from your users it could be that emails from SchoolAppsNZ are being blocked. To resolve this issue please see share the information below with your IT Department.

Whitelisting our IP address so that the emails are not blocked:

We have recently made some changes to our email notification service to improve its delivery reliability. While most email notifications will be received in your inbox without issues. In some cases, depending on your organisation’s IT security requirements, these may be filtered by anti spam and/or firewall protection rules. We recommend that your IT department add our Admin/App and Mail servers to your allow list so that incoming message aren’t unintentionally blocked.

Primary Admin/App server :IP:

Secondary Admin/App server :IP:

Primary Mail Server (Domain is preferred as this IP may change) :


Domain: o1.notifications.schoolappsnz.co.nz

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