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Please note the expected Term Dates are estimates and subject to change.

Term 4 2021

The following features are expected to go live by the end of Term 4 2021

Images in Alert Notifications
Images can be embedded into the More Content box, creating more engaging alert content for your community.
Search for Alerts in Dashboard
Easily find past alerts that you have sent with Smart Search.
Editing an Alert
Edit the information within an Alert without needing to resend it to your community as a notification.
Duplicating an Alert
Want to re-use the content from a previous alert? Soon you will be able to duplicate an alert to resend or to duplicate, edit and resend as a new notification.

Term 1 2022

The following features are expected to go live by the end of Term 1 2022
Calendar View
A complete overhaul of the calendar display in the app.
Alert Search in App
There will soon be a search bar within the alerts button of the app which will allow users to search for past alerts.
Saving filters
Some modules such as Notices, Links, Calendars and Contacts have filters so that admins can group different pieces of content into different categories. Currently when a user selects a filter/category in the app, this resets every time the user accesses that button. With this new feature, this filter selection will be remembered by the users device so they don’t need to select it every time they visit the page.
Images in Notices
Images can embedded in manual notices, creating more engaging content for your community.

Coming Soon

Sending Alert Notifications via email
Soon you’ll be able to send your alerts to your community via email right from your School Apps dashboard.
Posting to Facebook
Post your alert message to you Facebook page directly from your School Apps dashboard.
Offline Access
Not every one has internet access 24/7 Offline mode will allow users to access previously viewed content while they are not connected. With all the newest content coming in as soon as they get back online.
Aside from this we are continually working on behind the scenes, let’s noticeable stuff that improve the overall user experience of the app.
We are also working on some other exciting features that we’d rather not disclose publicly at this stage. However if you’re keen to hear what we’re working on, please do get in touch and we may just let it slip.

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